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Introduction to CEO

Captain (Retd) Syed Farrukh Mahmood was commissioned in the Operations Branch of Pakistan Navy in 1990. He joined Pakistan Navy Submarine Force in 1994 and served on various operational submarines till 2010. A reputed submariner; who has commanded two Agosta 90 B Submarines and Midget Group (SWATs).

He did professional courses/training from Turkey, France & Germany; and specialized in Torpedo & Anti-Submarine (Long TAS), Submarine Warfare (ASM) and Underwater Acoustics. Held important staff appointments during his career; while also serving as the Defence Attache in Malaysia, Brunei, and Philippines.

He is fluent in French and Malay languages. A graduate of Pakistan Navy War College and holds a master’s degree in National Security and War Studies from the National Defence University (NDU), Islamabad.

To his further credit, he has authored few publications for the Pakistan Navy as well, including “Sonar Classification Guide” as the pertinent one. Often shares his prolific viewpoint on Maritime Technologies in local Defence Journals & Newspapers. He is happily married and blessed with four children.

After retirement, Captain Farrukh established SUBCOM Solutions, Pvt Ltd. The company is presently functioning with a modest setup of five personnel including three Directors. Plans to expand in future are envisaged with further business opportunities and contracts.

Notice to Mariners

Excerpts from Captain’s Log

The submarine world is now undergoing some of the fundamental changes it has witnessed in the last 40 years and there are signs that those changes may be the biggest, since the order was first given to "take her down". New technologies are producing capabilities long known to be possible, but not practical.

With the introduction of superior weapons & sensors, powerful combat suites, capability to launch ballistic missiles, enhanced submerged autonomy delivered by AIP system & lithium-ion-battery; a conventional submarine has entered the performance domain of a nuclear platform. This hybrid breed is equally stealthier and potent like its atomic cousin.

Likewise, shallow water attack submarines have also gained prominence in the littoral warfare. In term of operational deployment, these boats can undertake full spectrum of typical submarine missions. Owing to less tonnage, their acoustic, thermal and magnetic signatures are also hard to detect by anti-submarine forces.

History has, nevertheless, shown that submarine warfare is something that hinges on the spirit of crews sealed for months in an atmosphere of easy informality, close camaraderie, and iron self-discipline. It comes from intense, highly technical training and experience at sea. It demands consistent efforts in analyzing threats and adaptation to the evolving technologies.

Already, the strategic alliance amongst India, France and United States (INFRUS) is resonating serious implications with long-term effects on the maritime security of regional navies. Remaining oblivious to future threats & challenges is likely to raise perils. Hence, an effective response to counter this phenomenal shift is to be realized. Lest we forget; “Time, Tide & Technology wait for none”.

Who are we?

SUBCOM as the name implies, stands for “Submarine Command”. Being an ex-skipper of Agosta 90 B Submarines, it was a dream and passion to serve the Submarine Force and thus; the Solutions were contemplated. SUBCOM Solutions is, therefore, a nucleus of domain specialists, that enjoy good professional repute and capable to undertake all projects dedicatedly and with commitment.

Our Aim

Our endeavour is to analyze, support and offer the best possible solutions & technologies to Pakistan Navy in general and Submarine Force in particular on her future acquisitions, procurement of equipment, functional replacements and mid-life upgrades. However, our products are also welcomed in other Armed and Para- Military Forces as and where, deemed applicable.


What do we Offer

SUBCOM Solutions, offer a wide range of specialized equipment & technologies as enumerated below.

Submarine Products

  • Lithium Titanate Oxide Battery (LTO).
  • Watertight Marine Grade Cables.


  • Counter UAS (Anti Drone) System.
  • 4G ALE V/UHF/HF Manpacks & Ship Based SDR Radios.
  • Watertight Marine Grade Cables.
  • Perimeter Security Solutions.
  • Search & Track Radars.

Army and Air Force

  • Counter UAS (Anti Drone) System.
  • 4G ALE V/UHF/HF Manpacks, Vehicle Mounted & Aircraft Based SDR Radios.
  • Perimeter Security Solutions.
  • Search & Track Radars.

OEMs & Partners

SUBCOM Solutions, is privileged to maintain a professional & disciplined relationship with its esteemed OEMs & Partners, worldwide:

Our Values

SUBCOM Solutions, lay great emphasis on its intrinsic business ethics:

  • We display professional integrity.
  • We are passionate to deliver quality products.
  • We strive for client’s satisfaction.
  • We honour our commitment.

Our Registrations

SUBCOM Solutions is honoured to be registered with relevant Government Institutes & Organizations, including the Armed Forces of Pakistan.


Domain Specialists

Syed Farrukh Mahmood

Captian (Retd) Pakistan Navy Chief Executive Officer

Raheel Masood SI(M)

Cdre (Retd) Director Naval & Land Projects

Pervez Sadiq SI (M)

Air Cdre (Retd) Director Air Projects

Syed Mujtaba Ali

Director Business Development


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